Bertazzon Matterhorn alert


Over the weekend at one of our parks a Rock-n-Roll ride experienced a failure on one of the driving steel ropes support pieces. If you have Bertazzon Service Bulletin SB/MH0001, from 2004, look at the bottom right picture. The piece that attached to the turn buckle on the right of that picture is what broke. It is a fabricated piece with a threaded rod welded into it. The weld is partially on the thread and it broke at the weld. Looks like fatigue. This ride came with the pieces described in the bulletin installed from the factory. It was manufactured in 2005.

We are shutting all similar rides and asking the owners to NDT that weld. We will also suggest to Bertazzon that they issue a bulletin to call for that NDT annually. We will also suggest that they redesign the connection to eliminate the fatigue problem.

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