Beware of JB Weld


I took the attached shot yesterday of a pipe member which is part of the frame that supports a Round-Up booth. As you see, the bottom of the pipe member near the attachment point to the table rim is fixed with a none-metallic (grey) substance. When I questioned the owner, he said the material is a mixture of putty-like substance that produces a material with the commercial name "JB Weld", and which is just as hard and smooth to the touch as metal, when it sets.

The only Acceptable method for repairing metal is through welding. If a proper welding repair procedure is designed either by Dartron/the Manufacturer/Engineer, the part would be as good as new. Some simple weld repair procedures may be ok to be designed by a certified welder. Tested specimens consistently fail with the parent metal, while the weld metal stays intact. No other non-metallic material has been invented that is approved by AWS for metal repair. Non-metallic substances such as J.B. Weld leave a smooth surface. If painted, they may pass as metal. Typically, such substances would resist compression well (similar to concrete maybe) but would be weak in tension.

I wrote a general e-mail to all RI Owners to stay away from wrong repairs and to watch for them in newly purchased rides. I recommend to my CARES colleagues and friends to take similar action.