Bikes can move outwardly in the Hampton Jump Cycle


On this Hampton Jump Cycle ride, bikes were sometimes noted to move outwardly and bear on the diaper pin. Ultimately the diaper pin may break and the bike may detach from sweep. Following are some assembly, inspection and operation tips:

  • Make sure the ride is level. A none level surface may cause the bike to slide outwardly.
  • Instruct operators to load the ride themselves. Patrons pulling on the bike to climb up may cause it to slide outwardly.
  • Instruct operators to circle the ride every cycle to make sure all diaper pins are in place and none of the bikes are sliding outwardly.
  • Make sure the Bolt threaded through the angle welded to the Bike's floor is of the proper length, free from wear and rust. Use only bolts purchased from the Manufacturer's authorized dealer. Scrupulously tighten each bolt onto the plate welded to the sweep, then properly tighten the nut against the angle. After attaching all Bikes, please go around and check once again to make sure all bolts are tight.
  • Diaper pins installed at the end of sweeps after bikes are installed must all be in excellent condition, free from rust and kinks.
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