Tivoli Orbiter Extreme accident


The following was reported by Britain's Health and Safety Executive (HSE):

An accident involving the ejection of a young, thin girl from a Tivoli Orbiter Extreme ride occurred on 18 February 2010 whilst the ride was running. She was ejected from the inner seat of the pair and received a number of injuries which resulted in hospitalisation.

It is probable that the ejection happened because the girl's left leg got between the top of the crotch pommel and the bottom of the over shoulder restraint which, at present it is believed, was set correctly at the 'first click' restraint position. This position, when combined with the various forces, caused the girls lower body to move sideways and out through the gap between the lower parts of the two seats. It is believed that the girl met the height requirement for the ride.

Tivoli is currently working on a solution to this which may include adjustments to the crotch pommel and/or additions to the side restraint bar system, more deatils should be available early next week when a further note will be sent out giving details of, and and the requirements for, the fitting of the adjustments.

In the meantime controllers are to ensure that all riders meet the minimum height requirements for their ride and are to further ensure that the over shoulder restraint is correctly pressed down onto the midriff of riders to ensure movement within the containment system is kept to a minimum.

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